Friday, June 02, 2006


The life and times of Phil Strahm. This could get pretty exciting. (It's so refreshing to be able to use this as a healthy place of both sarcasm and serious deep thought).

Posts to look forward to in the future:
-Life and Times of the Trinity Park UMC youth pastor
-Life and Times of Phil and his lil' lady
-Life and Times of Phil and his beloved sports teams
-Life and times of Phil and his deep, penetrating, and insightful questions
-Life and times of Phil and his completely incomprehendable ramblings

Thereinlies six quality post topics to look forward to in the near future...if I can update once or twice a week then you can look forward to each topic being covered every several weeks...or I can take your suggestions.


J Fry said... crack me up soooo much! hope that your doin well in your plush house near Indy...not toooo shabby bro. i'm glad your gonna blog...i appreciate your thoughts...mostly... i think?!? hehe...especially the jokes and sarcasm! take care bro...ttyl

kate chinlund said...

Alright!!! I'll look forward to your updates, especially about your lil' lady :)

Micah Dormann said...

hey man can't wait for the words of wisdom so i can keep going in ministry