Monday, June 05, 2006

Question of the day?

Some of you may have heard this question from me before. But here it is...

Which was created first....breakfast OR breakfast foods???

Think about it...if breakfast was created first that means breakfast foods (cereal, toast, donuts, french toast, waffles, etc.) were created for the explicit purpose of appealing to one meal and only one meal a day. If that is the case, then these foods are truly undervalued in their uniqueness.

However, if breakfast foods were created first then who decided that they should be breakfast foods. Did they exist as a regular food only to then be recategorized by some magnificent visionary (say Woodrow Wilson-or someone much older)??? But why should that person(s) have the authority or audactiy to limit foods into being "just a breakfast food?"

We don't limit what foods can be served at lunch or dinner. They have a mutual frienship. They share allll foods!! It is a shame that breakfast was given substandard treatment from both lunch and dinner.

But you know is the uniqueness of breakfast that I choose to enjoy and celebrate. Here's to you breakfast! I will celebrate you every meal, or will that dilute it's uniqueness??
(I told you my blog would be a bunch of non-sense.)

Seriously though, which came first????


Adam and Becca said...

good thing i am not a stalker other wise i would know right where you live..... but anyways nice blog phil keep the deep thoughts coming.

Adam and Becca said...

Phil, I think you are a fascinating creature. Although I do believe that "breakfast foods" were created primarily for the breakfast meal, I think we should feel able to eat them whenever we so desire. And if you'd like to have roast and potatoes for the breakfast meal....well, you should be able to do that as well. :) Love, your favorite sister

Annette said...

breakfast was created first. I'm your older and wiser brother. Just trust me on this. Man awoke. Man got hungry. Man went looking for food. Since man was not good at food, the next day God created woman to make him breakfast.

Indy Tribe said...

You are retarded~Kim and Jon

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