Tuesday, June 20, 2006


The thing that always strikes me the most about how we followers of Christ live our lives is in what I call our "uncomfortability." I know it's not a word, but here is what I'm trying to say. Every day we go on living our lives with a certain comfort level. It is our "comfortability," our ability to be content/comfortable in where we are. This comfort level is due to our financial stability, faith in God, laziness, and anything else that gives us a certain peace of mind.

While I'm not saying that this comfort level is inherently bad...or wait...maybe I am.

Some of the most difficult things in our lives involve change or getting out of our comfort zone and thus many people fear this instability. So many of us seek to enjoy what we have accomplished instead of pressing on towards new goals and new heights. I think this is especially true in how we exemplify Christ in our lives. It goes beyond our devotions and our faith. I'm specifically speaking in regards to our actions and boldness in our lives.

So, when I talk about our "uncomfortability" I am talking about the constant state of mind of being proactive. It is an approach that relies not on the past accomplishments, but rather on the future vision of what God has for you. It is not waiting for an opportunity; rather, it is creating an opportunity by seeing an opportunity. It is remaining in a state of restlessness.

Without this restlessness we risk not reaching our potential. Now don't get me wrong, it is important to rest and relax and enjoy life. That recharging time is important.

However, I feel so many of us live day to day in our comfort zones. We think we've done enough or we think what God may have put on our hearts is to much of a sacrifice. How can we go on thinking that?

All of us need to increase our "uncomfortability." It will build the kingdom. It will build our faith. It will build our character. It will build our testimony. It will build our courage and our mindset that we should never settle!

Finding ways to increase our "uncomfortability" will be unique for all of us. To increase it we must first actively seek it! We're in a spiritual war, but are we fighting the battles or waiting for reports of those who are? We shouldn't be happy and content when we hear how others have fought the battle. We should be challenged to make our own story.

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Adam and Becca said...

Excellent writing and message bro. I forwarded it onto several people. Hey...let's write a book together!