Monday, July 24, 2006

Indy Star: Round 3

If you were to look in the Indianapolis Star on Wednesday, July 19th on the front page of the Metro&State section you would have seen this picture. On the bottom right corner you will see me. I was at an inner city youth day camp for the week and on Tuesday we went to a "Peace in the Streets: Stop the Violence rally." All those little black kids were part of my entourage from the day camp. Contrary to what my friend Kyle thinks, this was not the Indiana Black Expo (after seeing the picture in the Indy Star he called and asked why I was at the Black Expo...that's Kyle for you...The Black Expo was actually the week before). If the story that went along with the picture was any good I would have placed a link to the article.
Anyways, this marks my 3rd appearance in the Indy Star. I have now graced the front page of the Paper, the Sports section, and the Metro section. Both other times were during the glorious 2002 NCAA tournament run made by the Indiana Hoosiers. I guess next up is the Business section!

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Adam and Becca said...

Is this your 15 minutes of fame?