Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Layers of Flavor

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon what may turn out to be the greatest invention since basketball. Now I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that if you were to pile mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, chicken, and cheese into one bowl that it would have to be devastingly disgusting. In fact, at one time I would have been on the same side of the fence as you. However, I am here today to tell you the testimony of how the new famous bowls at KFC revolutionized the fast food enterprise, and my life.

You see, when I first saw the commericals I also thought to myself "why would anyone ever want to eat that?" But then one day out of sheer hunger and curiosity I chose to accept the challenge that was before me. While standing in line I decided to venture away from my beloved chicken strip dinner and do the unthinkable, order the new famous bowl from KFC.
What I found out that day was that this concoction was absurdly tasty.

So, I am here today giving you a simple challenge...are you up to the challenge, are you the risk taker that's needed to lead the charge to KFC, are you willing to man-up and order the new famous bowl from KFC.
I won't tell you what it tastes like, mainly because it is beyond words. You must taste it for yourself.


tfounds said...

Dude, it kidna sounds like this thing we have in Rochester called "The Garbage Plate." Here's what it is:
- 2 Cheeseburgers
- Macaroni Salad
- Home fries
- Onions and special sauce.
..it's all put together on a plate, one on top of the other. Then you cut it up and mix it together. Sounds (and looks) really disgusting, but it's actually pretty good.

Micah Dormann said...

ever heard of putting cole slaw on BBQ or even cole slaw with chili on hot dogs...