Monday, September 11, 2006

NFL Power Rankings - Week 1

After week 1 of the NFL (except Monday Night Football) here are my Power Rankings. Only the top 8 will be listed. After that is honorable mention. If a team is not mentioned in either I'm sorry, but their season is officially over. They might win some games, even make the playoffs, but they're season is over.

#1. CHICAGO BEARS - Yeah, they beat the Packers, but so what? Offense piled up yards and Grossman had career day in 26-0 victory. Rookies Daniel Manning had an interception and fellow rookie Devin Hester returned a punt 80+ yards for a TD. Lovie Smith took heat on these draft picks for not updating the offense, maybe he was right. And it turns out they already have a Tight End (slimmed down Desmond Clark). The Defense looks tough, but you already knew that.

#2. BALTIMORE RAVENS - Defense wins championships, and that's why the top two spots go to teams who had shutout wins. They made a quality Tampa Bay team look like the GB Packers. If Steve McNair can stay healthy the offense will be far better then their Super Bowl team of a few years past. And the Defense may be better too. Still, it's all about the Quarterback for the Ravens.

#3. Pittsburgh Steelers - Who needs Big Ben? A quality win over a Miami team who will continue to find its groove. The Steelers should continue to climb as the season goes along, but will they peak to early? Will someone be able to make the big, versatile plays that Randle El did every week last year?

#4. Indy Colts - They did what I thought they'd do, win at NY by less than 7. Does the regular season even matter for the Colts? They'll win 11 to 13 games. Will Peyton and the D do much of anything in the playoffs....we won't know for several months. Is there a point to watching this team in the regular season? I don't think so....they're not even "paper champions." They need bigger play making on D and the Offense can't be gimmicky come playoff time.

#5. Cincy Bengals - They would have been higher, but they knocked out the Chiefs QB and IU alum Trent Green. Just kidding, this is where they belong after week 1, only because other teams had lackluster performances. We'll see if Palmer gets better and same with the D.

#6. Seattle Seahawks - They won at Detroit. That's a decent win. They score big bonus points in picking up D. Branch from New England. They'll score TD's next week.

#7. Philly Eagles - I thought they'd stink. Turns out they looked good. They might drop quick in a few weeks.

#8. New England Patriots - They got the "W," but is this a mini-rebuilding time?

Biggest Disappointments - Carolina (to ATL) and Tampa Bay (to Bal) got shalacked...what happened??

Best of the Rest -

Falcons-I need more proof still, call me stubborn. Saints - They're entertraining now.
Chargers - Play Da Raiders on MNF. Giants - They'll be good. Chiefs - Are they good and Bengals great, or are they just overrated? Dolphins - They'll get tougher. Vikings - They'll be competitive. Redskins - How much will they use Randle El? Can Brunell stay healthy?

Disagree with me?? That just means you're wrong. I'll rank every few weeks....based on how good they're playing AND how good I think they may be playing when it matters most.

GO IU Football! 2-0!


tfounds said...

Ok, just for clarification... you said "We'll see if Palmer gets better and same with the D" about the Bengals. Are you saying the D didn't play well? Or are you saying they did play well and we'll see if they keep it up?

Phil Strahm said...

The Bengals 'D' still has room for growth...they're good, but not great. They could still give up big numbers against teams who love to spread the ball around the field and aren't heavy on running the football.

They had the game on here...did you get to see it?

tfounds said...

No, I didn't get to see the game. I didn't really get to see much football. :(

I was just excited to see that they gave up less than 300 yards (LJ had 68 yards rushing, I think), forced 3 turnovers, and had 7 sacks.

Of course Palmer only attempted 19 passes. :( How sad.