Tuesday, October 03, 2006

NFL Power Rankings - Week 4

Football, both college and professional, are taking up some of my freetime while I countdown two significant events - IU basketball Midnight Madness and my wedding (not necessarily in that order). So, that being said, here are my week 4 Power Rankings!

1. Chicago Bears - The Defense is actually managing to get better while the offense looks better than almost anyone would've thought. It was a royal beatdown on Sunday night vs. the defending NFC Champ Seahawks. I had them here at the beginning and now everyone knows why. Their average margin of victory is over 20 per and have scored more points than all but two teams (Indy and Philly (who have 5 and 1 more, respectively) while giving up only 7 a game. Rex for MVP?

2. Baltimore Ravens - The toughest spot for me to figure out is who is #2. I'll stick with the Ravens and their D. Mcnair is getting praise for making big plays at the end, but if he can find a way to make big plays throughout then they won't have to sweat it out at the end. It's the old 20/20 rule for Baltimore. Score more than 20 and give up less than 20. Ask a lot out of the defense and a little out of the offense. Right now they're at 20/8 ratio.

3. Indianapolis Colts - Well, they are the third undefeated team so by law I must place them here. However, here is the Colts ultimate dilemma: The defense can't shut down anyone and there always seems to be a few teams in the past playoffs (Steelers, Pats, Jets) that could shut down their offense. Do I see a repeat of this....as of right now I'd say yes. There are too many good defenses in the AFC for the Colts to survive them all. Then again, John Elway did it back in the day (only to get lit up in the Super Bowl). I want to see the defense continually hold teams to less than 20/game.

4./5./6./7./8. Mixed up bundle of teams.
4. Chargers - Beat two bad teams, lost to one good team. Can Philip Rivers be the Kyle Orton (Bears '05) to help San Diego live on the Defense and running game?

5. Bengals - I told you their defense was suspect. New England ran up the middle all day against them. Corrections will be made and the D will be ok, but not great. Their D is slightly better than Indy's and their O is slightly worse. Plenty of potential.

6. Patriots - Is coach Bill overrated? Who knows...but they should take the AFC East with Brady throwing to a bunch of unproven guys. Is this team out to prove something...maybe.

7. Eagles - Big game vs. Dallas coming up. Are they really this good? Donovan must've stopped eating his chunky soup and that's why he's looking lighter on his feet. They should be undefeated, but essentially they've beaten three bad teams and blew a game to the Giants. Need to see more from Philly. NFC Contender or Pretender?

8. Broncos - Defense seems to be running on all cylinders. The offense needs to catch up.

Best of the Rest
- Cowboys, Falcons, Jags, Steelers, Panthers, Saints, Rams, Jets, Giants, and Redskins all have something left to prove. I don't fully believe in Dallas, Atlanta, St. Louis, or the Jets. However, there's a gleam of hope for Jags, Steelers, Panthers, Saints, Giants, and Redskins.....oh yeah don't count out the Seahawks, either.

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Anonymous said...

The Bears do look almost too good to be true. All the way as long as Sexy Rexy stays healthy.