Monday, October 30, 2006

Welcome Back

I'm back. All is well. The wedding and honeymoon in Cancun are all part of the past. Pics and stories will be told at a later time when most of you won't care anymore....haha. I'm guessing we won't have "professional" pictures for a few weeks, but many people took some shots of their own.

A few things:
1) Thanks to all who were in or helped with making the wedding run smoothly.

2) My favorite parts of the wedding festivities included seeing old friends (my buddy Riley from IU comes to mind), smashing cake in Michelle's face (she had told me for months not to do it...but hey you only get one shot, opportunity comes just once in a lifetime (insert Eminem Lose Yourself music)), the three cute little flower girl nieces, Josh Sabo leading worship of "Made to Worship" by Chris Tomlin, and plenty more.

3) Cancun memories:
-Swimming in the figure eight shaped pool.

-Playing Mexican Pool Volleyball, which essentially means there are no rules, which is kind of annoying, until you learn how to cheat better than the Mexicans. There were so many random people from Indiana that we played Indiana vs. The World. Of course, the Hoosiers pulled through in dominating fashion, which led to cheers of the Indiana fight song by yours truly.

-Playing on the one tennis court the Resort had. Michelle hit several tennis balls over the fence (one into the parking lot, one into bushes, one at the American Steakhouse, and one that is still in orbit, haha).

-Watching the World Series on ESPN Deportes (there was an English and a Spanish speaking ESPN Deportes). Very entertaining.

-Eating at high class restaurants that were included in the all-inclusive package (japanese, ultra high class, seafood, etc) only to go straight to the American Steakhouse to fill up because apparently squid, swordfish, etc can not be served in large doses. That's ok...I love a good New York Strip Steak.

-Carribean Sea body surfing (big waves...big enough to fear Michelle into thinking I might drown).

-Walks on the Beach.

-Aquarium. Michelle had never seen live dolphins before or a live dolphin show. Needless to say, they are now her favorite animal. Her smile was bigger than several mexican children. They also had sharks that you could pay to feed. They drop you under water in a tank and you stick out a little metal pole with meat on the end and sharks come by and tear it up.
Kinda cool...we have pics of it. We also got to touch a nurse shark, which apparently are some of the laziest sharks around according to the aquarium workers. They only move when they are hungry. I quickly envisioned analogies in my mind about nurses and nurse sharks, but wisely kept them to myself. (On a personal note I think it would be way cooler to have a Hippo aquarium, maybe that's a business adventure in the future for me!)

-Kayaking in the Carribean (the Lagoon side).

-All the waiters at all the restaurants. Most were very friendly and upbeat.

-All you can eat breakfast. Omelets, Bacon, French Toast, and unfortunately warm milk. I had to add ice, of course. This was a daily highlight beacuse if you know me, then you know I love breakfast.

-Putt-putt. They had an indoor miniature golf course that had two major flaws. The holes were extremely small (barely larger than the ball) and barricades that were "impossible to get through" according to Michelle. We played it once in the first day or two. I wanted to play again, kind of, and I knew Michelle didn't. However, the course was right next to our elevator so we passed it every time we were going back to our room, which led me to ask the simple question "putt-putt?" to Michelle every single time we went to the elevator. I never knew you could respond with so many different ways of "no." Sometimes it was a laughing no, a frustrated no, a sighing no, an annoyed no, etc. Anyways, this managed to keep me entertained the entire week. I imagine I said "putt-putt?" a total of 25 or more times in that 5 day period.

-Leaving at 5am to get to the airport to return home.

-7 hour layover in Atlanta....we somehow survived rather well. Until the plane was delayed and we left over 45 minutes later.

-I'm sure there was plenty more.....

Either way it's good to be back in Indiana.


J Fry said...

sounds like great times bro...glad you had a spiffy time! stacey and i enjoyed the wedding! :-D take care and keep the honeymoon alive...

Adam and Becca said...

Mr. and Mrs. Strahm! Welcome back! Thanks for the lengthy post about your adventures! It was a very entertaining read and it sounds like you had a fun time. We loved being there for your big day! Love, your favorite sister and her favorite husband

Amy Joy said...

hahah oh're leaving out so many good stories im will have to both come hang out with me and tell me everything...well not everything......

Annette said...

I think there is something gone awry in the Strahm male genetic make-up that makes you want to shove cake in your bride's face. I notice you had a lot of time for activities outside your hotel room on the honeymoon. Hmmm, maybe there is some sort of correlation between Michelle's memory of baked goods all over her face, hair, dress and her desire not to stay in the room with you. Just a theory.

The Bontragers said...

Loved the post! It's so great to hear about the awesome time you guys had!

p.s. put us down for 2 admissions when the Hippo Aquarium opens.

kate chinlund said...

Ha! Meesh told me about the steak place... I'm so glad it was there for both of your sake!The putt putt story is awesome, I wonder why she didn't tell me about that when we talked yesterday??? ;-P

Bstrahm said...

Thanks for the long narrative of your honeymoon. I loved reading it and shared it with your grandparents. The wedding was wonderful and I am glad the honeymoon went great. I can't wait to see you in person again.
Love, MOM