Monday, November 20, 2006

11 Reasons for a Rematch

Everyone knows Michigan and Ohio State are the two best teams in college football. Here are eleven reasons (ten just wasn't enough) for another round of Wolverines - Buckeyes on January 8th for the national championship.

11. Notre Dame lost to Michigan by 26, at Notre Dame. So, they don't deserve to even be mentioned, whether they beat USC this weekend or not. They're always overhyped and that's why I have to mention them.

10. The whole "the SEC is so good that they beat each other up and nobody stays perfect" may be a true statement. But, all that statement says is that there are a lot of good teams in the SEC. Obviously, there are no great teams. Florida lost to Auburn by 10. Arkansas lost at home to USC by 36, even if it was without their star running back. It's still 36 points. And those two are the best two in the SEC. Not good enough to tangle with Michigan or OSU.

9. USC lost to Oregon State. Oregon State is currently 7-4 with two more competitive games left to play. That being said, Oregon State lost by 28 to both Boise State and Cal. OSU is decent, but clearly this is the worst loss out of any of the top ranked teams. So, no matter what they do against ND and UCLA, they don't deserve to play on Jan. 8th. Therefore, no other team deserves a shot.

8. Ohio State narrowly escaped Michigan at Ohio State. Hello, home teams are supposed to win, and win comfortably. Most people would agree homefield advantage is worth anywhere from 7-17 points, depending on the quality of the atmosphere. Ohio State has a good crowd. As far as I see it, winning by three at home is almost like a loss. If the road team would have won this game, be it if the game was in Ann Arbor or Columbus, then that'd be one thing, but that didn't happen.

7. The time of year when you lose is the most overrated statement. So, in essence if Michigan and OSU played in September then it'd be a certainty they'd be playing again, even if the spread was larger. Tell me how that makes sense. You might as well change the Michigan - OSU game to September that way they can play for the Nat'l Championship every couple of years.

6. The rematch could be on a good field. The Buckeye field was about as quality as the IWU flag football field after a week's worth of rain and cleats. And if you've seen the IWU flag football field then you know that I'm talking about a field that gets absolutely tore up each year.

5. If not for a late "helmet to helmet" call OSU would've have most likely lost. It was probably the right call, but that play was going no where. It's probably more important than the blatant screen the OSU receivers used for one of their early scores. Yet, the commentators said "you can't call that in this game." Whatever that means. It was one of the better officiated games on the whole though. The game was that close.

4. Michigan has the best strength of schedule compared to the other contenders. They also have beaten two teams that only have one loss. ND and Wisconsin would both be undefeated if it weren't for a loss to Michigan. The other teams can't say they have those type of quality wins.

3. A second go-round would be on a neutral field. Weeks to prep. Sounds like the perfect way to find out who's better. Emphasis on neutral field.

2. With weeks to prep, both coaching staffs are great enough to add extra wrinkles to their game plans. It would be a new game to watch, not just the same styles by both teams for a second time. It's not like the team that lost would have an edge because they'd make more adjustments than the winning team. In such an evenly matched game I think both teams would have an equal amount of adjustments to make. This would make seeing these teams again even more interesting.

1. They're the best two teams. Isn't that what it's all about?
Everyone know's they're the two best teams. Michigan has the "best loss."
Unless, of course, you want to put undefeated Boise State in the National Championship!

It's a tragedy if it doesn't happen. They could play 100 times and probably split 50-50. So, why not decide it on a neutral field where everything is equal.
It would be the best thing for college football!


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Sorry about the Hoosiers...


Jaime said...

You are too smart for your own good. Hope to see you soon!

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Michigan got robbed....