Monday, November 27, 2006

Me in the Chicago Sun Times

I wrote in about a Chicago Sun-Times article written by Greg Couch. And what do you know....I made it into the newspaper under letters to the editor. Not that big of deal, especially since I didn't realize I made it until a month after it was posted.

It's about half way down on the attached link. It was in regards to an Eric Gordon story entitled "To the slimy go the spoils" on October 15th and I felt some information was conveniently left out. They put my full name and town and state.

My Letter to the Sun-Times

In case the link doesn't work, here is what I put...

"The fact remains that Eric Gordon opened up the option to look back into IU -- not IU hounding him to give them a second look. That has been very clear from the beginning. Also, you fail to acknowledge that Gordon's dream growing up was to "play at IU" and the only reason he didn't commit to them was because of the Mike Davis uncertainty.
A verbal commitment is not binding. Coaches can leave when they're under contract, and you get mad at a child who changes his mind before ever putting anything in ink?
IU deserves to have Gordon -- he's one of their own. The fans from both IU and Illinois made this such a mess, not the coaches or the players. I guess IU and Illinois won't get along too well, but what's new?"
Phil Strahm, Greenfield, Ind.

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Brandon said...

You should've been a sportswriter...but I guess that whole Youth Ministry thing is cool too!