Monday, November 27, 2006

NFL Power Rankings - Week 12

Well a lot has happened since my last Power Rankings. Mainly, LaDainian Tomlinson has all but taken care of the MVP voting. Sorry Peyton, but LT has a career passer rating of 152.1, and he's not even a quarterback. All joking aside, I hope he breaks E. Smith's career rushing record. He may not be quite as fancy and all or nothing like Barry Sanders was, but is he (dare I say it) better than Sanders???

Of course, that being said, he's no Antwan Randle El.

Anyways, here we go!
*Disclaimer: All teams have pretty big flaws, which I'll mention. Whoever can fix these flaws within the next month will be prime for playoff run.

1. Indianapolis Colts- It breaks my heart to put them at #1. Let's say they get it by default because all the rest of the teams have created bigger flaws then the Colts biggest flaw, stopping the run (aside from choking in big games...another reason why it's tough to put them here). If they were in the NFC I'd guarantee them making the NFC Championship game, but the AFC? Too many good teams to guarantee that. Addai is running well, who needs Edgerin?

2. San Diego Chargers- Philip Rivers hasn't had much of a slump yet, will he? Their biggest flaw is not showing up for the first half, which only exemplifies some of their strengths (can score points in bunches, clutch under pressure, etc). Also, they have some guy they call LT. He's pretty much the man. The defense will be ready for Merriman to come back. They won @Indy last year, so you know they're not scared of heading to the RCA Dome come playoff time.

3. Baltimore Ravens- I was tempted to vault them to #1. The offense is back on track after kicking out the Off. Coordinator. The defense doesn't need many points to win. Oh, wait there's supposed to be a flaw right? We'll say it's Mcnair...but with Jamal Lewis back on track how much does Mcnair really have to do?

4. Chicago Bears- So, the Pats beat them, big deal. It was their third straight game out east. The defense is causing havoc as usual. The big flaw is Rex's instability. He'll be ok. The running game is looking more consistent and Lovie can always turn down the riskiness of the big play, which hasn't been working. But, I don't think he will. Also, I think Rex's instability is partly because of that O-line. They're better at home supposedly, but home playoff losses for the last 20 years say otherwise.

5. New England Patriots- They should bust out the old helmets with the hunched over lineman. Just a thought. Anyways, I don't think they looked that good against the Bears. Did they create the turnovers or did Chicago just give them the ball? I'll say the latter. They won because of the Grossman fumble at the 10 and the Gould blocked field goal.

6. Dallas Cowboys- How 'bout those Cowboys? I'm not jumping on the Tony Romo bandwagon. He's good. But so was Big Ben, how's he doing by the way? Uh-huh. They haven't faced any top notch defense since Romo has been starting, and that will limit his development. They are solid at a lot of things, but great? Not yet.

Just outside the top tier teams...
Chiefs, Broncos, Bengals,
KC- Larry Johnson. Enuf said.
Denver- Jay Cutler is from Vanderbilt. Does that make him a winner because he overcame playing at Vanderbilt or a loser because he played at Vanderbilt? Who knows.
Cincy- They are coming along. Call me crazy, but I'm more confident in them now than at the beginning of the season when others were high on them and I wasn't. Are they sneaking up on people? Give Palmer time and he'll beat you.

I'm not buying the Saints or Seahawks as contenders at this time.

IU vs. Duke
Tuesday Night 9pm on ESPN
We'll see how much progress KS has made with the team with the long layoff.


Anonymous said...

HAHA...Randle El!!!


Rick said...

I don't know why I don't see my 49ers on this list!

Mike E said...

Big Bengals win last night!

Move 'em up. U know you want to!

J Fry said...

so steelers don't even make "un-honorable mention"??? geez they are suckin it up this year.