Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Spiritual Insight - Volume 1

Who needs Nooma's?

How about "Spiritual Insights" instead? Ok, my first volume is somewhat low quality in terms of video (and depth...not to mention acting (we only took one take of everything)) but so what...gotta start somewhere.

Check it out on
YouTube ...you will need a fast connection and not a dial-up that has been around as long as the Cubs World Series drought.

On a completely different note, today is ELECTION DAY. If you didn't vote then so be it. I don't agree with the "everyone needs to vote" idea. I believe the more we encourage that the more diluted my vote will be (plus people that don't vote are probably more liberal than me and would make unwise choices to say the least). For example, if ten people vote then my one vote is worth 10%. If one thousand people vote then my vote is worth only .1%. However, if I could get all the non-voters to vote how I know they should then that'd be sweet.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Simply Brilliant! Almost as good as our Z301 video way back at IU...oh that was so much fun...memories!

Tony said...

Look out Rob Bell, Spiritual Insights is on the way.

How do you plan to mass distribute these?

Micah Dormann said...

Wow...i'm not sure but that might have been one of the funniest yet insightful things I've watched!!! the only thing is what about those Bears I mean to lose to Miami how does that show spiritual insight!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice work Phil!

Thanks for the FedEx product placement!