Friday, December 01, 2006

Christmas Time Tug of War

For those of you who want more postings about Michelle and I, here ya go. Michelle is becoming "mildly obsessive" with decorating our home. Regular decorations, Christmas decorations, anything goes. Maybe I'm just a guy and don't get this overindulgence in decorating (if you go to all that effort to paint the walls, then why put massive pictures in front of them...haha).

Let's just say that I have a mild fear that we may have to get two Christmas trees because she is on pace to have so many ornaments. I mean, how many Peanuts and Snoopy ornaments do you really need? And she's been ebaying for some "noma bubble lights" without success so far.

So, I acknowledge I must control the beast (Michelle's decorating habits is the beast, not Michelle...just for clarification) and so I think we will be safe from burning the house down or turning our home into one bright spectacle much like the Nat'l Lampoon's Christmas Vacation house.

Two things I am striving for to reach a middle ground in the Decorating Saga:
1. Total decorating control of the office in exchange for Michelle having 99% control of the rest of the house (I still have Presidential Veto power as I am man of the house).

This resolution has been passed by a count of 2-0.

The office will soon have over 50 pieces of sports memorabilia on its' walls (IU posters, Kent Benson bobblehead, Bulls posters, vintage mini-NBA posters, starting lineup figures, and of course a classic STRYPER Poster thanks to my Brother Dan).

This room will be quite a spectacle. It will be a tribute to men everywhere!!

I may need some more music posters also!

2. Giant inflatable snow globe in the front yard. Those large hideous creatures in the front yard that stand about six feet've seen them. Chances are you're like me and someone down the street has about 6 of them in their front yard and thinks it's the coolest thing ever. (Just between you and me I'm not sure I really want one unless it had the nativity scene in it, or Bobby Knight as Santa Claus....but the fact that I know Michelle absolutely despises them keeps me pushing for it). I assume one giant decoration will balance out all the little one's she that way we both have "contributed" to decorating the house for Christmas.

The first voting went as assumed, tied 1-1.

Since it was a tie, a 2nd vote will be taken next November to determine whether the proposition "Giant Huge Awesome Snow Globe in the Front Yard so anyone within a 1/4 mile can Identify it and thus know we are cool people" will be passed.

At that time, I may have to use my Presidential Power.

Only 11 and a half months to find out.

Enjoy the weekend!


Annette said...

quote: I mean, how many Peanuts and Snoopy ornaments do you really need?

answer: as many as possible.

quote: (I still have Presidential Veto power as I am man of the house).

response: HaHaHaHaHaHaHa. Giggle.

HaHa. I like your Phil/Michelle posts. Keep 'em coming. I'm going to email Dan now and tell him the Stryper poster is on your blog.

Phil Strahm said...

I assumed our peanuts ornaments to peanuts cookie jars ratio should be at 20:1.....and we only have 1 cookie jar

The office is just a poor man's den since I have no basement. It will suffice for now. It has the stereo in it too, which means I control the volume!

Bstrahm said...

Phil, please invite us down sometime this holiday season as I would love to see how Michelle is decorating and what your office now looks like. It will look so different from the last time I saw it. It is really something that 2 of my married children and their spouses like Peanuts and Snoopy.

kate chinlund said...

I do like "A Charlie Brown Christmas", but other than that, am not a bit peanuts fan. I do identify with Linus, seeing as I still sleep with my blanket (tell Meesh that!)

I also enjoy the "Life of Phil and Michelle" posts, and I agree that the wife should be able to decorate to her little hearts content when it comes to Christmas decorations. Do you know that when Chad and I got married, I brought to the marriage enough ornaments to completely decorate a 9 ft. tree and he brought 3? 3. I think that proves my point. When it comes to Christmas decorations, girls decide. That's just the way it is.

kate chinlund said...

Oops, I meant to say "not a BIG peanuts fan"... scratch the "bit" please :)

Phil Strahm said...

I'm letting Michelle decorate to her hearts content...all I ask for in return is control of the office and a huge hideous inflatable snow globe in the front yard.

By the way...I have ZERO Christmas decorations...except some old one's my mom might have!

Annette said...

I think I hear you saying you would like more Peanuts cookie jars for Christmas. Ooooh, maybe a Christmas themed one. Now we know what to get and won't have to worry about duplicates from your list.

Anonymous said...

Haha....oh that is so funny!

What's the chance of seeing a christmas inflatable in the front yard of the ghetto? None! It's definitely a white person thing!

So tacky I just love it!