Wednesday, January 31, 2007

41 thoughs on Super Bowl XLI

This will be my last pre-super bowl post. I hope you find it entertaining. I'll try to start with the less obvious and more random interesting thoughts. Each thought will give a point to the Colts or Bears, with a .5 point tie possible.

41. What if Brian Urlacher played offense?

40. Four times in the history of the Super Bowl has the best offense from one conference played the best defense from the other conference. The best defense won all four times.

39. Rex Grossman has a HIGHER QB rating in the playoffs than Peyton Manning.

38. Three times in Super Bowl history has a former assistant faced his former boss. The boss won all three times.

37. The last team to lose a game in the NFL has lost the '01, '03, and '05 Super Bowls. In the even years the last undefeated team failed to make the super bowl.

36. Eight of the last 10 Super Bowl winners were in the top 9 in defense.

35. Devin Hester wears number 23...and has provided clutch performances much like another 23 from Chicago....

34. An Indianapolis team has never won a "world championship," although the Pacers did win ABA titles before switching to the NBA.

32. Name the last time a Chicago team lost a Championship game or series? The Bulls never have, the Bears haven't since the pre-superbowl "NFL Championship Game's" back in 1956, the White Sox (1959) and Cubs (1945) also haven't lost one in a loooong time. If you count hockey, which some do, then the Blackhawks lost the Stanley Cup in 1992, 1973, and 1971. Chicago teams might not make it often, but when they do they usually make it count.

31. The Bears won the 1940 NFL Championship game 73-0. I think that record will stand for a while.

30. Antwan Randle El made the biggest play of last year's super bowl, a deep pass for a TD off a hand off. He was an IU alum. The only IU alum on either team is the Bears Adewale Ogunleye, who might make a big sack, int, or fumble this year. HOOSIERS!

29. Emery Moorehead was a wide receiver on the Bears '85 SB Championship team. His son, Aaron, is on the colts roster currently.

28. Rex Grossman went to the University of Florida, a team Peyton Manning could never beat (not to mention the current NCAA title holders in bball and football).

27. Rex Grossman is from Indiana, Bloomington to be more specific.

26. Rex Grossman's dad played football at IU.

25. Peyton is 0-1 lifetime in "Championship" games....losing the NCAA title game his senior year in college to Nebraska 42-17.

24. Both tight ends could go by D. Clark (Dallas and Desmond). One wears 44, the other 88. Something is peculiar about figure it out.

23. The Bears have two Pro-Bowlers injured (Tommie Harris and Mike Brown). The Colts have none.

22. The Bears have scored as many points at the Colts this year...which may be slightly deceiving since the Bears defense and special teams have chipped in quite a bit. But still, interesting.

21. The Colts have played in Super Bowl III and V as part of the Baltimore Colts. III plus V equals VIII....which happens to be Rex Grossman's jersey number! what??? Can you believe you're still reading this?

20. The Bears won their only Super Bowl playing the "46" defense, in which their offense scored 46 points. Does this mean the Bears Cover-2 scheme will result in only 2 total points??? Will that be enough to win?

19. The Colts lost SB III 16-7 and won SB V 16-13. In total, they were outscored 29-23. The Bears outscored their SB opponent 46-10. So, by the law of averages (Bears + 36...Colts -3 per game)the Bears should win by 19.5 points....which isn't possible.

18. Both teams are from the Midwest and have a lot of alumni from Midwest colleges...okay this one is lame.


17. The Bears are getting little respect.

16. Colts D line vs Bears O line.

15. If the Bears decide to blitz instead of trusting the front four to get to Manning.

14. The Bears got up early in both playoff games.

13. The Bears have a better record on the road than at home!

12. Who will establish the run first?

11. How will the refs let them play....flag football (pro-colts) or man football (pro-bears).

10. Can the Bears make Vinatieri the Colts most important player (hold the Colts to FG's and not TD's).

9. The number of seconds that go by on ESPN before mentioning "Rex" or "Grossman."

8. Again, the jersey number of Rex Grossman.

7. Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers....who will cough it up the most?

6. The number of Championships the Bulls have.

5. How many times Rex should throw the ball atleast 20 yards down the field.

4. The number of Jim Harbaugh...who played QB for both the Bears and Colts at one point in his illustrious career (Captain Comeback). Also, the number of times the Bills lost the Super Bowl....the Colts have the President (Bill Polian) that the Bills had during their run of Super Bowl losses.

3. Number of times I thought about quitting this before getting to here.

2. The number of Black coaches who are tired of talking about their race.

1. Team will lose and one will win. Also, the number of times the Colts and Bears have been on the cover of Sports Illustrated in the last two weeks, thus eliminating the "SI jinx."

Yes, I could be a sports writer on the side.


tfounds said...

I can't believe I actually read all of that... :)

Anonymous said...

And On the 8th day God created the Chicago Bears!