Monday, January 08, 2007

Passion07...How can I summarize?

Summarizing a four day event like Passion07 is far from easy, and I will prove that by having a poor blog post.

The Worship
This was second to none. I had always liked Charlie Hall before, but now I think I'll get his CD. So should everyone else.
He was my 2nd favorite, behind Chris Tomlin, of course.
Then there was always David Crowder and Matt Redman. Being with 24,000 others who actually came all the way to Atlanta from all 48 continental states, Asia, Europe, and everywhere else was amazing.

The Breakouts
These were good and thought provoking.
I attended a Tim Elmore breakout, he is always a favorite.
Also, another one about the epidemic of "church dating" was insightful. Why do so many people view church as "me centered" and view church just as what they can get out of it instead of what they can put into it by serving?

The Word
Louie Giglio, the founder had some great messages and insight.
Franchis Chan, who I had never heard of, gave possibly the most challenging and hilarious message of the week, which is more difficult than it sounds.

Also, I was part of the last united Passion! Next year they are having multiple sites (albeit for less days) and also are planning to go GLOBAL! The global Passions will be FREE as part of their mission to spreading the gospel. This requires about $4 million in fundraising to cover a 20 city European, African, and Asian tour, which is actually less than I thought it'd be. I will definitely be supporting the Passion Movement and also plan to head to the local Chicago one in '08!

Donate to passion at Under the "about" tab there is a link to donate.
To understand more of what went down, the passion blog is availabe here or under my links.

I'm sorry I didn't go into any real depth...but if I got started on one topic I'd never cover the others in brief. Maybe I'll dig deeper on some specific topics another time.

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Brandon said...

I'm going to Chicago with you next year!