Friday, January 12, 2007

Pics of a Variety...

For those of you who need/want pictures to be ya go.

We never got around to taking pictures of the incredible house down the street with multiple snow globes on one side and a nativity on the other side. Sorry! We also found a house with a huge front yard just north of town that had 12 snowglobes or inflatable fan controlled christmas lawn decorations...all perfectly spaced out in 4 rows of 3. However, we did manage to take pictures of a house in Northern Indiana. Maybe our house can measure up to this one come next Christmas!
If you have no idea what I'm talking about then click here to be caught up to date.

Also, here are a few pictures from my trip to Atlanta for Passion 07.
Sorry if the pictures are somewhat dark.

This is inside Phillips Arena (where the NBA's Atlanta Hawks play). It holds around 18,000. You can see there were multiple screens so everyone could see up close (I believe there were 8 screens plus a jumbotron. Those big lighted areas on the upper left are club seats. They were extremely nice and there were about 80 of them (how else are you going to pay the players' salaries?)
We always managed to get pretty good seats. This was the first night and we were behind the sound and tech crew, but closer than 98% of people.

This was the first morning. We managed to get even closer. Matt Redman led worship that morning, as you can see by the photo. You could only get so close to the stage. A few days later the fire marshalls would come and make the seats we were sitting in illegal...but they weren't when we were there!

This is a banner they raised at the end of the last session to symbolize some of the places they plan on taking Passion to in the years to come. Listed in small print is every single college that was represented by college students (emphasizing that they can make the difference back home and that this is the beginning of a "global movement.")

Indiana Wesleyan University is listed three rows directly above "Moscow."

And yes, the banner went from the ground up to about the rafters. 1,200 colleges represnted, or something like that.

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