Friday, January 19, 2007

This Weekend In Sports

Huge Weekend in Sports:

Tonight...Michelle and I head to Lawrence North High School (3 time defending state champions) to watch LNHS play North Central High School, which features unarguablly one of the top 5 high school basketball players in the country....Eric Gordon, who will play at IU next year.

Tomorrow....the Hoosiers travel to Uconn to see how good they really are. I'm cautiously optimistic...road games are tough.

Sunday, is-well we all know what it is....It is Conference Championship week in the NFL. Winners go the Super Bowl!

Not one so called "Expert" from ESPN believes in the Bears, except the computer simulation which plays the game 1000 times to get the most logical winner. Most "Experts" pick the Colts over the Patriots. But once again, the computer does not. Here are the "Expert Picks."

Sports Illustrated also has the Colts winning by three (27-24) and the Saints by four (31-27) if I remember correctly.

Hopefully Da Bears will take care of the "sentimental pick," the New Orleans Saints. It will be difficult to win. I'm glad everyone is picking the'll give Chicago the underdog and "We're out to prove something" role.

The Colts don't function well as a favorite...but something seems different about them right now, which is why I'll pick the Patriots. It seems to be to good to be true for Indy.

I won't give my Bears-Saints prediction....don't want to jinx them. Let's just say if the final score is 73-3 I won't be surprised....even without Ditka! I hope that's not a jinx!

Everyone likes and wants Colts vs. Saints....which would be an offensive showdown.
But I'm rooting for Bears-Patriots....rematch of Super Bowl XX.

Colts lose on a Gostkowski game winning field goal...or, dare I say it....a Vinatieri missed field goal!

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Adam and Becca said...

I don't know who I want to win!!! The Colts or the Bears!!! Oh dear! I like em both!