Monday, January 22, 2007

Weekend Recap

Well so much for a rematch of Super Bowl XX. The Colts made the comeback with a little help from a no call on a passing interference in the endzone that probably would have eventually put the game into OT. But, I think they would've won anyways...they were the better team.

Rex and Peyton will get a lot of media attention. But there are a lot of subtle side-stories that intrigue me that I will mention later.

Bears took care of the Saints in a way that the Bears should take care of opponents...crazy defense and running the football.

The Super Bowl should be bad I have to live in and watch the Super Bowl with Colts fans. The Colts are the favorites...and that's how I like it. The Bears will look for respect.

Also, IU got a big road win at UCONN. Rod Wilmont is ridiculous.

Michelle and I went and watched Eric Gordon, one of the top high school players in America and future IU player, on Friday night for some "real high school basketball."

At halftime Michelle said "I'm not that impressed....I mean I can tell Eric Gordon is good, but still."
I explained to her that he was letting the game come to him and not to worry, because he would take it over when it got close.

Needless to say, Gordon put on a show. They were losing going into the fourth and he simply took the game over. Michelle was spellbound. Gordon didn't miss a shot in the second half, including 4 three-pointers from NBA range. His defense created turnovers. His steal, save to a teammate who passed it back, and double clutch power layup with the foul brought the house down...and this was a road game. All in all....Gordon had 37 points (20 in the fourth quarter) and got the win.

In an interesting side note....IU next plays at Illinois...where Gordon originally verbally committed while Mike Davis was at IU. Once Kelvin Sampson came he decided IU was his fit. To put it simply, Illinois is not a big fan of Kelvin Sampson, even though he did nothing wrong.

So in sports terms...the weekend was a success!


Anonymous said...


Wednesday is a big night for the Hoosiers - any predictions? Saturday was 3 big games in a row for Wilmont, I never expected him to play this well! I'm taking a bunch of SEC fans to Bloomington this weekend for the Michigan game and to show them what Assembly Hall can be like.


Anonymous said...

Urlacher and the D will pound Peyton into oblivion.


J-Rock said...

I wish the Super Bowl was this week!