Monday, February 05, 2007

Post Super Bowl Thoughts...

I am only disappointed in one thing today, and that was the play calling on offense. The Bears were to conservative in play calling and needed a few more 10-15 yard passing plays.

The defesne was up 22 points while being on the field almost the entire game was fine. They more than did their job. They also created turnovers.

The Bears played about as poorly as they could....and yet still were never really out of the game. Add that to Benson's injury, which split our running game in half, and I was surprised the Bears hung around. Yeah, Nick Harper is important for the Colts, but not as much as Benson was for the Bears game plan (and two pro-bowlers on Defense, Harris and Brown).

Also, on a side analysis "experts" verified that the Colts interception return should not have counted because his foot did come into contact with the white painted sideline. Also, why were the Colts allowed to commit holding so frequently without the Bears being allowed to? (But I expected that going into the game because the Colts always get away with that. Maybe because of Peyton and the NFL keeping their money man safe). The Bears lost any momentum they had on holding calls while it was easily viewable to see the Colts doing the same thing and getting away with it.

Either way the Bears didn't bring it and the Colts still barely took advantage....I guess the dynasty will have to start next year. No big deal.

On to college Basketball...GO HOOSIERS!!!

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