Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Snow Worship?

As I see the snow continue to accumulate outside at what seems to be an inch an hour I wonder to myself:

We have songs about worship that reflect the sun, the wind, the ocean, and all of God's "beautiful weather," but:

Why don't we have any worship songs that reflect the beauty of snow?

Just curious...I mean snow can often bring just as much fun to our lives. It can help us see the beauty of God just as much as a sandy beach, right? After all, we make snow angels...all we do with the sand is make sand castles...which is a prime example of man's individuality and prideful competition.

Yes, snow has it's negatives, such as driving in it or hurling what you thought was a snowball at a small child only to realize as soon as you have thrown it that it was an ice ball that may soon cause more havoc than you had planned(tricky snow).

However, the sun brings us skin diseases of all types...so what's to like about that either?

Someone needs to write a worship song about snow and winter.
I can't think of any songs that qualify under this topic (Let it snow, winter wonderland, etc do not count).

Chris Tomlin or Hillsong United (Does it snow in Australia) or Josh Sabo or somebody needs to write one!

What do you think?


suqin2677 said...
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Luke DeLong said...

Hey bro! Thanks for the comment! Trexler was talking about my ministry being uncomfortable, and that's where I'm at! Sure, it is uncomfortable to be me, but my ministry uncomfort completely overloads that! What can you do? But... I'm totally gonna pull through, no doubts! Love you bro!

Adam and Becca said...

I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure there's gotta be a song that talks about us being made white as snow.....right?

Phil Strahm said...

That song is not about snow or winter. It uses snow only to reference the color and purity of pure white.
I want a song that worships God for his awesome creation of snow...