Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Dropout Myth?

In the March/April 2007 Group Magazine there is an interesting article. Turns out Group challenged some Bethel College students to analyze a statistic that has been used a lot, but in reality has an unknown or unverified past.

The statistic is that 88% of "churched high schoolers will abandon their faith by the time they graduate from collegg." I know, a startling and mostly unbelievable statistic.

Well, to make things short....it's a horrible statistic that has no real merit. I'm not a huge Barna fan, never have been. I think his statistics don't always correlate well from one study to the next.
Anyways, here's the Group magazine article about the dropout rate. Once you take this length there is a toolbar at the middle of the top of the screen with the title "Page." Scroll down to page 75 for the beginning of the article.

Turns out the dropout rate is much lower....plus there is a lot of room for interpretation on what a "churched" person is...enjoy.

Maybe they asked Bethel students to investigate because IWU students were to busy doing real ministry. Okay, that was a low blow....in reality IWU students were probably spending all day in the massive student center dining hall or playing intramurals. I had to get an IWU plug in!

And IWU is dancing!!!! Not literally, but IWU is a basketball powerhouse these days!
They are in the real NAIA DII tournament as the 10th best team.
Here's the Bracket



Jason said...

88% is either absurd or frightening!

Anonymous said...

Good read. All types of statistics are used in ym that come from who know's where, such as how long the average youth pastor stays at one place. Everyone has a different stat on that.