Friday, March 30, 2007

Final Four Thoughts

1. Most people think Florida will win it all, but does anybody actually want to see it happen?

2. Greg Oden's class schedule consists of the following: Sociology 101, History of Rock n' Roll, and basketball credits. That's it. For all those people who say he's a bright, intelligent student, it sure doesn't look like he wants to prove it. I took the History of Rock n' Roll my sophomore me it's an easy class (I did take 5 business classes along with the Rock class). Yeah, Matt Lienart's last semester of college only included Ballet, but that's because he had already qualified for graduation. George Leach, former IU player, took only one class his last year...but he was a fifth year player who again, had qualified to graduate. In fact, I took that same class Leach took the year before. It was about rocks, meteorites, etc. Somehow I forgot the name of the class (Meteorites and Planets?)...but it had a crazy teacher of Asian descent whose name was unpronounceable in the English language, so we called him Funduzy or something like that...because obviously that was easier???

3. If the Buckeyes win the championship, should the banner be given to IU...who essentially handed Ohio State Greg Oden and Mike Conley when they struggled to handle the Mike Davis era more effectively. Who cares....I'm glad we don't have them. They're not worthy of the candy stripe warmups.

4. Can UCLA (I like to say it like "uk-la") be so physical to handle the gators?

5. How many times will Billy Packer get on my nerves? Somewhere around once every time his biased team doesn't get a call.

6. Will we have a true buzzer beater that someday you will be able to say "I remember where I was when this happened." Think Laettner vs Kentucky, Tyus Edney, Bryce Dreew.

7. If Georgetown wins, I win the pool. My prize - zero dollars, but bragging rights.

8. When the Final Four ends it will cap the best 7 months of the year in terms of sports. From NFL and college football until the end of the tourney. Then I'll go into sports hibernation with only mild interest in the NBA playoffs and day to day MLB. Mild for me, still borderline obsessive to others.

9. Last time the Final Four was in Atlanta was 2002. The Hoosiers made it. I was a freshman at IU. "Welcome to Atlanta" was a popular song. I think it was played nonstop in the dorm for about 5 days....Good times.


Joel said...

Welcome to Atlanta where the players play!!!
IU 2002. Good times man, good times.

Anonymous said...

Meteorites and Planets!! Basu was of Indian Decent and was perhaps on the coolest professors at IU! It wasn't as easy of a class you might think, I remember having to dig out my calculus book for that one...


Phil Strahm said...

I got an A in Basu's Meteorites and Planets...I don't know why it should've been hard for someone in the MBA program.