Monday, March 12, 2007

Greatest Games EVER?!?!?

There are two specific games that people of my generation remember playing in school. They were and forever will be the greatest educational tools ever invented.

My slight personal favorite,
Number Munchers, taught you all you need to know about math, economics, and life in general. I was somewhat addicted to this game in early elementary school, possibly because I was the undisputed champ. I even remember staying in during a recess (yes, I gave up one day of football or basketball recess that I would not remember today, plus in 2nd grade you had multiple recesses so I'm sure I played basketball later that day) in 2nd grade to break the record and become the undisputed champion of Number Munchers in the greater Walkerton area. I don't remember the total, but I think it was close to 20,000. Which as an 8 year old is pretty impressive.

For all my prowes in Number Munchers, there was my inability and repeated failures in
Oregon Trail (I played it a couple of days ago and beat it rather easily). My main reason I remember for never beating Oregon Trail was because all I ever did was hunt. Why travel the trail if you can shoot buffalo, bear, deer, rabbit, and squirrel all day? My family of 5 always ate well, I know that.

So, most people liked Oregon Trail better. But I was a Number Munchers fan!

What about you? What was your favorite? Is it a different game?

And have fun clicking on the links and reliving your childhood!!!


Jake said...

I once shot four bear in a single round! I swear.

Greg said...

Snakebites, measles, river fording, Oregon Trail had it all and so much more.

Jason said...

Sorry Phil, Oregon Trail is my favorite. Number Munchers made me think too much.

Adam and Becca said...

I think I'm going to have to side with you Phil......Number Munches is intense....I just played a round...although it's much easier than I remember....Oregon Trail was full of so much despair! Little Suzy got bitten by a snake....Grandma died of frostbite....oh no, a wagon wheel has oxen wandered away...too much like real life for me. :) -Becca