Monday, March 26, 2007


When you're on the's all about how quick and painless you can find the info you're looking for.

In comes Google Reader, the time saver. While the Google company has it's pro's and con's, just ask Mark Cuban, Google Reader is pretty much a great timesaver.

Essentially, Google Reader allows you to subscribe to almost anysite on the internet and creates a folder for that site. Then, anytime new content is posted there will be a number next to the site's name telling you how many new posts have been made. It works for blog reading, news reading, and anything else you want. Say you have a friend named Micah "the Starbucks Lover" Dormann or Tim Founds that don't post blogs that often, now you don't have to check unless you are notified. Say you have a friend named Derry Prenkert who posts about a blog or two a day, now you'll know how many posts you're behind when you check his blog.

This along with personalizing a google homepage so you only get your weather, your Indy Star stories, and anything else you want keeps Google striving to be a leader...not that this will be easy to do.

If you search many sites frequently, then Google Reader is for you!

Also, I have bad news for Lukman fans....he can come in 2nd place in the youth group NCAA bracket, but he can not win. Very sad.

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tfounds said...

I don't know what you're talking about... I post all the time... :)