Monday, April 30, 2007

Ark Almighty

So, I was a little skeptical about the movie Evan Almighty (see 2 posts ago).

It's interesting how this movie is gaining momentum.
1. The Ichthus Festival has "Evan Almighty" as an official sponsor on it's homepage. The Ichthus Festival is the week before the opening of the movie. I think they'd take the extra precautions to make sure this movie was pretty clean. I hope...

2. An add for Ark Almighty in Group magazine (a youth ministry magazine) about a "good deeds program that matches up the needs in your congregation with the talents and skills of the members of your church. Gathering the needs of your attendees, these requests are compiled on a Craigslist-type website administered by your church. Then, the members of your church can easily search through the needs and find ways they can help. "

This idea was shaped by Youth Specialties, Willow Creek Association, and the International Bible Society.

It looks like this movie might really have a good purpose behind it...or at least good is being made out of it. Media and movies used to further the kingdom???? What a revolutionary idea....maybe we should try this more often!

To see the website...just
click here. The weird thing is that John Goodman pops up at the beginning.

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