Monday, April 23, 2007

Evan Almighty Movie

Several thoughts on this movie:
1. Will I take the youth group to see this?
2. Will this movie do more harm than good (I think it will be good...I'm guessing they'll be a good point to the movie).
3. Will the movie be any good?
4. Who needs Will Ferrel's crude and mostly jr. high type jokes? Not me! I hope comedies can exist without crude and what I think should be rated R material that comes from the likes of the aforementioned. I'm also tired of these movies being labeled PG-13 and then releasing "unrated" versions.
5. Is there a movie that doesn't have Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit in the Sky" Song?


Anonymous said...

I am eagerly waiting to see how this movie turns out.


J-Mac said...

Did you know the Ichthus Festival has Evan Almighty as a sponsor? I wonder how much precautions Ichthus had in terms of the content of Evan Almighty before they accepted their sponsorship. I hope that since Ichthus is ok with it that it means the movie is clean!

Anonymous said...

This movie looks pretty tight!