Friday, April 06, 2007

Holy Week....Passion goes Global

Have you taken time to fully acknowledge and meditate on what Holy week is all about? Have you thought about what Good Friday means? What Easter stands for?

Have you taken extra time in humility for what God and his Son, Jesus Christ has done for us?

I'll's been a busy week. We stuffed thousands of easter eggs for Children's Egg Hunt tomorrow morning (we plan on using the middle school football field across the street...but the frozen tundra may be a little to much for the little one's). We also have sandwich bags with a message with jelly beans and the color that each stands for (i.e. red is for the blood of Jesus). Much else has been going on....but we need to take time to honor God.

(Insert transition statement)

On that note, the Passion Movement has announced it's 2007 fall tour dates on it's blog. Passion exists to "glorify God, uniting students in worship and prayer for spiritual awakening in this generation." They define "students" as 18-25. So, I gues this will be the last time I make it to Passion classified as "student age." I guess I'll have to volunteer or bring a group and be a leader.

It comes to Chicago Oct 19/20....well there's goes my wife's plans on a 1 year anniversary in Florida....Looks like we'll be in the windy city!!! Maybe a compromise can be accomplished.

Stops will also be in New England, Dallas/Fort Worth, LA, Atlanta, and DC.

Are you in????

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Anonymous said...

Count me in for Chitown!