Thursday, April 12, 2007

Marvelous light & Meditation

This Sunday the youth group is loading up in a motorhome and road trippin' to Kokomo for a Charlie Hall Concert!!!

I love Charlie....he's pretty much the man. I just wonder why him and Chris Tomlin are so short...haha.

Check out Charlie and his band here:
Official Charlie Hall Homepage
Charlie Hall MySpace

Also, I'm making my way through Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster. The chapter on Meditation is continually popping into my head, maybe because I actually find less time for that now then when I was in college (I had those Gen Ed's in college where I could zone out and meditate, I don't think I should do that during staff meetings).

Two thoughts on Meditation:
1. Page 25/26...."How do we receive the desire to hear his voice?....Anyone who imagines he can simply begin meditating without praying for the desire and the grace to do so, will soon give up"
Think about that....Meditation takes you and God....and you have to be able to ask for the desire and grace from God. You can't just pick it up like you pick up running or Starbucks addictions.

2. In regards to meditation with the word: "It is important to resist the temptation to pass over many passages superficially. Our rushing reflects our internal state and our internal state is what needs to be transformed. Bonhoeffer recommended spending a whole week on a single text! Therefore, my suggestion is that you take a single event, or a parable, or a few verses, or even a single word and allow it to take root in you!"
....It makes me wonder if we should really try reading the Bible in one year! We lose so much of it's magnificence because we're trying to finish a marathon without stopping to really look at the scenery we've been running by.

Are you finding time for meditation????
(And to listen to worship music on your own time during the week....say Charlie Hall!)

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derryprenkert said...

I'd have to say Celebration of Discipline is the 2nd best book I've read.
I've read some chapters as many as 4 times. Great stuff