Monday, April 16, 2007

Worship with Charlie Hall

Our road trip in the motorhome from the Charlie Hall concert rolled back into the church parking lot a little after 10pm last night. It was an amazing's why.

1. It's always refreshing to go to a concert. But, it's always spiritually refreshing to go to a worship "concert," and I use "concert" for lack of a better term. In church, worship is often so structured that it is minimzed due to time. But for an hour and a half last was just worship...heartfelt worship.

2. Passion was amazing worship because it was 18,000 people in an Arena where the Atlanta Hawks play. The words that came to mind would be power, magnificence, and glory. But last night, in a church with six hundred or so, the words that came to mind were reverence and humility toward God. It was just so much more intimate.

3. He gave a great, short message on what was on his heart lately. He talked about forgiveness and the freedom from the noose and shackles that sin can have on us. It was really good.

4. Charlie is one of the funniest people alive. He is so random, but insightful with his short quips during his 2nd pause from worship (the 1st being his talk on forgiveness). I told my youth "see...God uses people with ADD.: Sorry, Charlie...I'm not trying to make fun of you. He allowed a Q & A time that led to some big laughs.

5. Charlie revealed he was first in a rap group growing up, and then a country garage band that played at chili cook off's.......then we got him to rap 4 was hilarious!

6. I offerred one skeptical youth member a money back guarantee if he didn't enjoy the show. He never asked for his 10 bucks back.

7. He played several hymns....including an acoustic version of Blessed Assurance to close it out. Hymns are always powerful.

8. He played all the songs I wanted to hear (Marvelous Light, Song of the Redeemed, All we need, We are Yours, Bravery, Micah 6:8, Center) and some new one's he had played at Passion (Walk this World, You are God).

9. He sold his CD on donation basis, so if you were a poor college student you could get it cheap and if you were a rich fat cat you could make up the difference. I hope he was blessed in this!

10. Michelle and I met him, very briefly, as soon as the show ended. He was making himself very accessible, which was nice. We even got a picture. Yes, he is short...and yes, his soul patch is so long that the whole thing didn't make it into the picture.

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tfounds said...

Wow, it's like there is a squirrel hanging from his face...

Sounds like a great time though.

Eric said...

I wish I could've went.