Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Top 5 Must See Summer Movies

To the best of my knowledge, these are the only movies I plan on seeing in the theatre this summer...unless my wife drags me to the 50cent movie theater 10 miles down the road for a chick flick or two. So, I guess I should say these are the only movies I plan on seeing that cost more than $1 dollar for me to see (sorry Shrek 3, all you get is 2 quarters from me).

The Only Five Summer Movies for Me:

1. Evan Almighty - Taking the youth to this one....hope the PG rating is a good indicator of being funny and clean, unlike most comedies these days (Will Ferell, cough cough). It'll be interesting to see how Hollywood puts this Bible story into action.

2. Live Free or Die Hard - Not going to lie, Bruce Willis is the man, except when he picks dumb movie roles. The third Die Hard was the best. Here's hoping the fourth is at least close to as good and not to cheesy.

3. The Simpsons Movie - Who isn't a little curious to see a cartoon that has made 400 episodes that last 20 minutes take a shot at a full length feature film? I have no idea what to expect, even after watching the trailer.

4. The Bourne Ultimatum - I'm sure this one will be good, but I'm not dying to see it. I haven't grown attached to this series, but they are solid movies.

5. Pirates 3 - I'll see this one by the end of the week. It sounds pretty heavy and hard to follow.

Movies I'm not anxious to see: Shrek 3, Oceans 13, Transformers

Okay, I make fun of having to many sequels sometimes....but 4 of the 5 movies are follow ups in a series and the other is a long standing Television show.

I guess Hollywood doesn't make much worth seeing...but if they do they make sure to make it as many times as possible. Here's to the hope that none of the above mentioned are as terrible as Spiderman 3.

Are there any I should be aware of that you think will be good?


tfounds said...

You'll have to let me know how Evan Almighty is...

I saw Shrek the Third... it wasn't too bad actually.

And all of Will Ferrel's movies aren't bad... I just watched Curious George this weekend. :) (Oh, and Stranger than Fiction!).

Phil Strahm said...

I apologize for singling out Will Ferrell. Elf is a good movie...

That being said...I think I'm done with his movies, whether they're clean or not, I really don't find him that entertaining or funny.

I know that is almost as bad as saying that U2 is the most overrated band in existence.

Eric and Amanda Roemer said...

The Bourne Ultimatum and Ocean's 13 are the only ones I am really interested in. I am so glad there are some good action movies coming out... which makes me wonder if there are some built up aggression I am harboring since I have never been that much into action before.

Mark said...

The kid in me wants to see the Transformers. Even if I have not idea how good it will be!