Tuesday, May 15, 2007

No Football on Sunday!

That's what the Alabama High School Athletic Association told the high school football powerhouse Hoover High. Hoover High was attempting to play a game in Ohio on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend on ESPN2.

The reasoning for not allowing the game: "Sunday is a day of worship," AHSAA executive director Dan Washburn said.

It's nice to see someone take a stand to keep the Sabbath holy. Whether the AHSAA should be the one saying it isn't my call. But, to say the least, it is still a high school football game so that should be kept in mind. They are STUDENTS...college football isn't even on Sundays!

Now, if we could only get parents to say "Sunday is a day of worship" to their youth who get part time jobs and think they "have to" work on Sundays or they'll get fired....I could sit on my soapbox about that one all day!

To read the full article in the Decatur Daily click here.

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