Wednesday, May 23, 2007

One Year!

This Saturday marks my one year anniversary of being at Trinity Park!

I can't believe it has already been one year of being in the "real world" and serving Christ full-time without the "bondage" of homework and part-time jobs getting in the way.

I realize how blessed I have been to have been in one ministry for a year and to all those who pray for the ministry I sincerely thank you! I know how blessed I am because some of my colleagues, for various reasons, have had greater conflict than I have experienced.

It's impossible to summarize an entire year (a year where I also got married!) but here a few things I thought of in no particular order:

1. Lock-ins. For whatever reason...the youth are addicted to this...and caffeine and laser tag, to name a few. I'll admit it...I'm young enough to love lock-ins. Michelle, my wife, not a big fan of them, yet.

2. My famous White Board teaching on Wednesdays. Only a picture would describe the massive undertaking the youth undergo each week as I pour info on the board and circle, draw arrows, re-circle, box-in, and cross out information for 40 minutes.

Ichthus Festival. An interesting weekend of worship and the word and a whole lot of music!

4. Preaching. I love preaching and am so thankful my church supports me enough to let me "ramble on" every now and then. I preached six times on Sunday morning my first year!

5. Amazing Events like
Passion07 and the Charlie Hall Concert.
Check my old blogs of
Passion07 in Atlanta and the Charlie Hall Concert in Kokomo

6. The generous people who have helped support my wife and I in so many ways.

7. The adult members of the congregation who have welcomed me and supported me.

8. And my favorite...the reason why I do ministry- All the talks/meetings outside of official "youth events" where I can see the heart of a specific student and the events and thoughts that take up each of their lives. They're struggling for meaning and purpose...and it's our job to help them find it!

My only minor regret is that I didn't take enough pictures of our ministry this first year. But with our soon to launch youth site I'm sure we'll fix that.

***Also, my No More Books Challenge is going well. I read over 100 pages yesterday and I continue to turn away from buying more books until I finish most of the one's sitting right next to me!!***


derryprenkert said...

congrats on 1 year man!
Praying that the ministry will continue to grow deep and wide with influence.
Keep going....

Nat said...

That's awesome man. You're my hero!

Mike and Kate said...

You're the man!
Keep it up....we're praying for you.