Monday, June 11, 2007

Guess Who's Back?

The Strahm St. Louis Vacation was a quick one. Here's a quick run-down:

We definitely got our money's worth at the Zoo, mainly because it was free. The zoo in St. Louis is really nice. The best photo's I got were on my cell phone. Great Hippo and Tiger shots, but I'm not sure how to get them off my cell phone yet. These will have to do. No great Hippo photos (way to blow it honey). But I have awesome streaming video on my cell phone, so as soon as I figure that out and have the time you'll get my great footage. The hippo exhibit is awesome....which means it's worthy of a separate post in the future!!!

Relaxing day. Michelle and I hung out poolside. Then stopped at Six Flags (Free tix from our campgrounds) and spent the afternoon in the water park.

Half the family headed home and Michelle and I headed to downtown for our hotel. We walked about a mile to the arch and back. It was pretty good. I was more impressed with the structure than the view. Plus I don't get how it's a gateway to the west. The arch was kind of a monument just made to be a monument....a bit overrated in my humble opinion. I know they say it's the gateway to the west, not buying it.

Friday night we then headed to the St. Louis Cardinals - Anaheim Angels baseball game which was less than a mile away at the almost new Busch Stadium. It was a good time. The Cardinals lost (yeah!) and the fair weather fans exited early and often. My brother-in-law Adam and I were curious how a state of the art ballpark could be built and still not have anywhere that tells us the pitch speed. Still, it was a nice park and I think I'm up to 8 or 9 ballparks now.

The drive home.........
Vacation was relaxing and great to hang out with the family as a whole. Where to next year???

There was more we could have seen (sorry Katy, we didn't make the brewery tour) and more I could've told....but this will do for now. You'll have to wait for my awesome Hippo post. Hopefully I'll figure it out next week! (I love Hippos!)


tfounds said...

I'm stoked for the hippos...

Jason said...

I too will be looking forward to the hippo post!

Adam and Becca said...

You and your hippos. You're such a nerd. :) It was fun to watch you revert back to an 8-year old at the hippo exhibit. It is the best hippo exhibit I have ever witnessed.
Glad that we could all go on vacation!