Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hippo Madness

Time to get this Hippo post done before I forget!

These are from my June family vacation to St. Louis.

I will not take credit for all these pictures, as most were taken by family members!

I did find a way to get pictures and video off my phone. Unfortunately, I can not save my video and upload it without buying the newest version of Quicktime for $30. So, I still have it on my phone if you want to see it (via text message or in person). Or if you have the newest version of Quicktime and want to take care of it for me then just let me know!

So, here are the pix. After you see them, you will understand why this may be the greatest hippo exhibit known to man (well, second to actually being in Africa!)

There were 4 hippos at the St. Louis Zoo.
Click on the pictures for a larger version.

Here you can see the exhibit from a distance. Water about 5 or 6 feet high.

Who needs a Shark tank??

Plunging in the water!

Rising from the depths!

Pix from my camera phone.

Those fishes eat the hippos what?

My niece Alyssa in awe at the magnificent creature!

See, I told you hippos were the greatest animal ever!


Jason said...

I can now sleep easier at night having now seen the famous hippo exhibit.

tfounds said...

That's just beautiful....

Did I mention there is a black bear loose in our town? ...good stuff.

Mike said...

Truly a beautiful creature!