Monday, June 18, 2007

Relevance in the Church

Catalyst has a good top 10 list of how to make sure relevance isn't being so overplayed in our church that the cross and the Gospel suffers for it.

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the Ichthus Mustic Festival was, in short, really hot and pretty good on the whole. I did spend some time with my old professor Charlie Alcock, listen to some great thoughts from Shane Claiborne, enjoyed the concerts (Switchfoot ended the weekend strong!) I left feeling tired and yet reenergized at the same time. See my previous post for more info on what went down at Ichthus).

Oh, and I also met David Crowder....which is a pretty interesting story. But, I'll leave you hanging for now, just like with the hippos!)

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tfounds said...

David who? Crowder? ... don't think I've ever heard of him. :) Does he own any hippos?