Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What song does your money dance to?

For a pastor I've never met (from South Carolina) and likely never will, I like a lot of what Perry Noble says.

Anyone who cares about money or knows someone who needs help managing their money or needs help in trying to figure out the balance of money and making God first in his finances should read his post entitled Is God first in your finances? It is a good testimony of how to overcome mistakes!

He discusses his HUGE financial mistakes (Car loans, 100K in debt, credit cards, etc) from less than 10 years ago.

He has links to many powerful verses anyone should read, especially those who claim Jesus has saved them and they fully trust him with their life.

The thing that surprised me the most in his post??? More Americans will declare for bankruptcy this year than graduate from college!!! That makes me wonder why we don't have some type of finance class in high schools across the country.

Debt is one huge problem somewhat to itself, and money mgmt appeals to all people.

But, putting your finances in line with the will of God is the call to all who believe.

(The main reason I'm posting this is actually so I can find it easier in the future when I'm looking for it. Thanks Perry!)

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