Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Nashville Reflections

Sorry, I don't have much time to reflect on our Nashville mission trip.
But here are a few quick things:

*Our youth were stretched by being broken up with groups from across the country (Texas, South Carolina, Iowa, Kansas, New York, etc).

*The morning & evening programs were challenging and made youth reflect and get out of their comfort zones.

*You had lunch devo's with your "crew" of teens from around the country.

*You had evening devo's after the evening program, which was very interactive, staying away from a "service" or "sermon" feel.

*All the kids seemed to have "I get it" moments in different areas where they no longer thought "inside the box."

*We served Nashville through two opposite end of the spectrum VBS', prepping a building that would become a facility for abused children, assisted with various ministries and their children, painted, picked up trash, cut down trees, trimmed bushes, visited with the elderly.

*Our youth came to "renovate" Nashville. Ultimately, it renovated their hearts even more on topics like love, peace, forgiveness, and living out our life!

Bottom line: Our kids grew closer to Christ. I chose this mission trip b/c I wanted a balance of serving the community and also being challenged spiritually. And it happened!

I would recommend
Group Workcamps to almost anyone.

To see a few pictures from the week check our post on the
Connexion Youth Blog.

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Adam and Becca said...

Didn't know you went through Group Workcamps. There is a chapter or something in our area. For the last month, every week there are around 90 youth on campus at Kuyper as part of the Group Workcamps. Glad to hear it's an effective organization. -B