Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Prison Ministry...from the inside!

As part of my commitment to continue to give links to blogs of others I have come to read and respect greatly, today I bring you Steven Furtick, pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte.

It's just a great testimony to the unity and love gathered for one member of his church who, before coming to know Christ, committed a crime and now must serve time.

His concern, is his church going to forgive a guy like him?

Read the letters, and make sure you read the LAST Paragraph!
It's the best part!!!!!! Sorry, if the title of this post gives away the ending!

Read the story here.

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Adam and Becca said...

Cool story bro. Prison ministry, and prisons in general, have always intrigued me. I'd hope to have that kind of mindset if I was sent to prison (no, I'm not going to commit a crime to get into prison so that I can minister to others....I've settled for having a prison pen pal instead). Sounds like this guy will have an opporutnity to make an impact within those walls.