Monday, May 21, 2007

Sports Church?

I had a thought a few weeks ago...I'm just curious if you think it's heretical or not.

Churches are always attempting to stay relevant in the culture, adapting their methodology while maintaining their theology. So, we use movies, music, and world culture in our services to help others identify with Christ and how he can work in our lives and in this present age.

Often, it is easy for me to use sports analogies. I try to limit them for the very fact that some people don't like sports.

But, what if a church was created where it's main use of connecting culture with church was via Sports. Current sporting news would be easily transferred into the message. Sports leagues would be no problem at all. Your small group would be the same people that are in your fantasy leagues! Messages could even be given during halftime of major games where you gather together and watch them. Some people may feel isolated...but people feel more isolated at some churches versus others for many factors: age, race, worship style, just to name a few.

Would I need a women's pastor too? Two Services at the same time...both with the same scripture and main points but a different twist. So, when they husband and wife were talking about the service over lunch they could connect and reflect. Or maybe keep them all together.

What would I call it you ask? Here's a few ideas... with my favorite in bold
United sports for Christ Church
Alliance Sports Church

Fellowship of the Field Church
Touchdown Tabernacle
"You can put in on the board" for Christ Church
The Church of the Game for His Name (double meaning...sports and the game of life)
Methodist Sports Clinic (oh wait, that actually
Assembly of Sports Enthusiasts for Christ

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the stupid is this idea?
And what name would you call it?


Eric and Amanda Roemer said...

I love this idea! It is the kind of thing that would be good idea for a series or youth camp... but to do it for a church up start would be great.

The only problem that I could see arising is in hiring new staff. You would not just be looking at their ability to ministry well but also which teams they root for. And we all know that fans of certian teams can't even be considered real christians.

I wouldn't enjoy going to this church if it were in Indiana. All we would hear about is IU and the Cubs... I think I kill myself right there in the pew, or bleachers, or pressbox...

Anyway. I give it a 3 because it really isn't all the stupid.

Eric and Amanda Roemer said...

Hey and the date on your computer is wrong. It says you posted this article on July 3, 2007.

Phil Strahm said...


I have no idea how the date got put as July 3rd..but it's fixed.

Obviously the location of the church would greatly affect the congregations favorite teams. However, The church would not focus on "favorite teams," instead focusing on the sports world as a whole.

It would be a loving place for all sports fans...with friendly competition.
IU and Purdue
Cubs and Cardinals
Bears and Packers
UNC and Duke
You get the idea....

Thanks for not saying my idea was stupid!

Phil Strahm said...

Hmmmm....maybe pressboxes for the families so know one can hear the kdis crying...or for the biggest tithers (kidding).

Bleachers aren't a bad idea...the church could even look like a stadium from the outside.

You could scalp your pew seats out front (tithing your profits) and do a little tailgating!!!

David Robinson
Darrel Waltrip
Mike Singletary to name a few

tfounds said...

Well, I read it... and I think it's best if I just don't leave a comment. :)

Phil Strahm said...

Tim is angry because another Cincinatti Bengals player got arrested!!!

Mike C said...

I'd go to that church.
You're not going to have cheerleaders, right?

Yeah, I'll go to the church.

tfounds said...

He's not a Bengal anymore. :)