Monday, July 09, 2007

Triple Play!

Last Thursday Michelle and I wrapped up our 3 baseball parks in 3 months tour.

In May, we visited Wrigely Field (Michelle's first time). Although I had been to Wrigely many times, somehow I had never noticed the "Be alert for foul balls" sign right before you enter the seating sections.

In June, Busch Stadium...home of the St. Louis Cardinals (1st for both of us). As you can see, it's a pretty cool skyline with the Arch in the background. For a Saturday night at the home of the defending World Champs I thought their fans were pretty lame. Most left in the 7th or 8th when they fell behind a couple runs to the Anaheim Angels. They had almost anything you could imagine for sale from the Old Busch Stadium that was torn down two years ago. I mean everything!

And lastly, the self-proclaimed "Great American Ballpark"...home of the Cincy Reds (we both had been before). The Reds Hall of Fame was also open for free to people who had purchased tickets to the game. It was pretty cool. Part of it was an ultimate fan's room with couches, big screen, and bar. Pretty sweet, only needs Cubs memorabilia instead. Maybe I'll have a room like that someday.
They also had a giant wall with a ball that represented every hit Pete Rose got in his career (over 4,000...only partially shown in picture) which was pretty cool and went straight up for about three stories. They played the Giants. Bonds and Griffey did not homer. Oddly enough, the Reds Pitcher, Bronson Arroyo did. And yes, it did have about a twenty minute rain delay. A first for me at a baseball game.


Mike said...

I'm a little jealous!

Brandon said...

Looks like you're covering the midwest pretty well.

What's next, east or west?

Phil Strahm said...

Excellent question. Michelle and I were just thinking about that the other night...

We're thinking West Coast first...maybe!

Adam and Becca said...

You're lucky to have a wife that is excited to go to baseball stadiums with you....relish it. :)