Thursday, July 12, 2007

When Love & Money Collide

Everyone likes to talk about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, and for the most part that's true.

It seems people with money often don't have much love. And people with love often don't have much money.

Well the gap just got a little bit closer, thanks to one family giving a waitress 10K to go back to college!

My favorite parts of the story:
1) The true friendship and relationship that developed over time between the waitress and the family (the family always asked for her as a waitress).

2) The family that gave the money wished to be anonymous!!!! Humility rules!

3) The family had lost a loved one and no longer needed the money that was set aside in a college fund for that person. So, instead of upgrading their car or living room furniture...they helped make a lasting impact for someone else!

4) The story is from Indiana!

5) It was at Pizza Hut! I love that place!

Stories like this are obviously inspiring...but more importantly, it begs the question - Am I (or you) looking for ways to help others fulfill their dreams, sometimes without even taking that much of a sacrifice?

Can our time, physical labor, and wealth be sacrificed to balance out the world?

Are we seeking opportunities? Are our hearts and minds open to fill needs when they walk right in front of us? Do we have enough compassion to put time, energy, and money to help others? Do we love our friends, or even strangers, enough to do this?

Is there a model to follow from someone who paved the way 2,000 years betcha!

To read the full story in the Indy Star, Click Here.

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