Friday, August 24, 2007

Different type of Tag

I found this on Kurt Johnston's blog and said why not.

Here it is:
"IF YOU HAD TO BE A _____________ (who would you be and why)"

1. FAMOUS PERSON FROM HISTORY: Alexander the Great. With much power comes much responsibility, and thus much influence and an ability to positively alter the world....sounds good to me. Runners up: Zacheus or the boy who gave five loaves and two fish to Jesus, he's famous in his own way and I always wondered what he thought and later told his friends after Jesus fed 5000 people with it!

2. CELEBRITY: Someone who everybody loves and nobody hates, but not someone everyone loves so much that they're always in the media's eye. Hmmm....William the Refrigerator Perry! Runners Up: M. Night Shyamalan and Dikembe Mutombo (he builds Hospitals in Africa, which is cool)

3. ATHLETE: Andre Aggasi. Great player. Great humanitarian. Loves life. Travels all over the world. Sounds good. Runners Up: Tim Hardaway (best crossover dribble) and Barry Sanders.

4. FAMOUS MUSICIAN: Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. No one can sing like him and his band had so many different sounds. Runners Up: Michael W. Smith, just so I could sing Friends are Friends forever whenever I wanted too...haha! And Eric Clapton, everyone loves Clapton!

5. CHRISTIAN MOVER AND SHAKER: Tie: Andy Stanley (of course) and Louie Giglio (he keeps getting older, but his passion for the college age has never changed)!

Your turn:
I'm tagging EVERYBODY!
Hey, it saves me the time of putting your name and link on here!

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