Monday, August 13, 2007

End of Summer?

It's a fact, summer ends when school starts. School starts Wednesday, so summer ends Wednesday. I know, it's crazy how fast summer is.

Looking back on the summer:
-3 MLB parks (Cubs, Reds, Cardinals)
-Ichthus Music Festival
-Gparents 60th Wedding Anniversary
-Several weddings
-Mission Trip to Nashville, TN
-Water Wknd with the youth to Merrilville and Warren Dunes State Park
-Collective Soul Concert
-Lots of Tennis
-Youth Led Sunday morning services (just yesterday!)

I'm ready to catch my breath...

On a side note, I would state why Live Free or Die Hard was significantly better than the Bourne Ultimatum, but my wife hasn't seen Bourne 3 so I can't spoil it for her! Some of you might disagree...but my argument would be very good!

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Brandon said...

It is a happy day or sad day for youth pastors everywhere when the kids go back2school. I'm not sure!