Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Free Insight from Mark Beeson

Mark Beeson is the lead pastor at Granger Community Church. There are many reasons you should listen to what he has to say...of which I will name none. Just trust me.

Here's a link of Mark Beeson interview questions on 3 Reasons to Plant Churches.

Also, there are these interviews that are attached to that link, but I placed them down here for your convenience! All kinds of FREE INSIGHT!!!

Monday: What specifically sparked the vision to plant Granger Community Church?
Monday: After twenty years of growth, what are the key ingredients to see a ministry expand?
Tuesday: What are the largest obstacles to church growth?
Wednesday: How do you attract so many seekers and young people?
Thursday: What are seekers and young people looking for in a worship experience:
Thursday: What is your model and vision for discipleship?

On a separate note, I think I will be registering for GrangerCC's Innovate 2007 Conference! Yeah, I'm excited!

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Anonymous said...

Innovate is going well. Hope you made it for the conference. I wonder if you know I grew up in Greenfield, went to school there and met my wife in Greenfield as well. Small world. Stay true. Live strong.
- Mark Beeson