Tuesday, September 04, 2007

State Quarters...does anyone still care?

I occassionally look at my change to see if I have a state quarter that I've never seen before.

Today I had a South Dakota quarter with a peacock and Mt. Rushmore on it. It says 2006 on it, but I don't think I've ever seen it before. That made me wonder, is anyone still trying to collect all 50 state quarters in some "commemorative carrying case?"

For more info on the state quarters program and to see the new designs of say, the Montana or Washington quarter, check out this
US Mint Link.

The Utah quarter has to be pretty high on my my favorites
. It reminds me of the math problem "If one train left Chicago at 3:12pm traveling at 35 mph and another left San Francisco at 12:48pm traveling at 36 mph, when would they meet?"

Even when I could solve the problem I never understood it's point....why would two trains want to meet? If they're both traveling so fast wouldn't the "meeting" be quite destructive???? The question says nothing about slowing down to meet or being on different tracks!!!


Annette said...

We are still collecting them and we have the 'collector map' to store them. Hey, if you're not going to do anything with that South Dakota, can we have it? Don't worry, we'll trade for a regular quarter or a New Jersey.

Anonymous said...

I am still collecting also. In fact, I have 4 state quarter books that I am filling as I find the quarters. Grandpa is also collecting and he gives me extras when he finds one.
Phil's MOM

tfounds said...

Yeah, my mom is collecting em too... making sure she gets coins produced at both locations.

...I just spend any I get.