Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gettin' Philthy - Vacation Part 3

When you find a restaurant that has your name in it, it's almost a given that you have to go check it out.

That's what Michelle and I did Sunday night when we stumbled across Philthy Phil's Waterfront Bar and Grill.
Needless to say, it was pretty much the greatest place ever. Michelle and I enjoyed our food and I had to take home half my sandwich!

Everyone was nice and it was pretty laid back for the most part. Our waiter was from Indianapolis and had just moved down a few months ago. He also gave me a pen that said "i stole this pen from philthy phil's," which was cool.

There are tons of bar and grills along the beach and there was no way we would've made the extra effort to go to this one if it wasn't for the name. But we really enjoyed it!

(FYI - the "philthy phil" name came from the owner who was always renovating the restaurant and was thus always dirty....the name just stuck)

I also had to buy a t-shirt...after all it was only $12!

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Micah Dormann said...

hey man i'm glad vacation is going well!!! have fun being in warmth because it will all end soon!