Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Homework? Don't mind if I do!

Well I have homework for the first time in 18 months.

Sports Illustrated has requested I take part in a survery for several weeks where my "homework" is to read SI, visit their website, etc. and give my opinions on what I liked and didn't like.

I regularly take SI survey's (can't complain about what you don't like and reinforce what you do like if SI doesn't know), and apparently I fit the "target market" for this new survey.

Of course, in college I had to pay to do homework.

Not this time....if I complete everything as asked I get two nice little rewards:
1) $100 Amazon Gift Card
2) A hoodie of any NFL team I chooose

It looks like I'll be up late doing homework tonight. What a shame!

(On an interesting note, I pay roughly $40 a year for my 52 issues. So, the gift card will equal 2 and a half years worth of subscriptions)

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