Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Innovate 07 Recap #2

My personal favorite moments from Innovate 2007.

-Great worship. Sang some of my favorites (Mighty to Save, Light of the world by Steve Fee, etc).

-Meeting Sr. Pastor Mark Beeson briefly and discussing Greenfield! He grew up in Greenfield and lived just behind the church. I also found out he had just read my blog the night before just to "check up on Greenfield." Yep, Mark Beeson read my blog...that's cool. He's such a positive, high energy guy!

-Seeing a few old ministry buddies!

-Visiting with my parents, brother and his family, old friends from high school, and other random friends. Okay, this wasn't part of Innovate, but going to a conference close to your home has these huge benefits (not to mention squatting at 3 different houses in 3 nights...no hotel costs)!

-A couple of Guy Kawasaki's main points.
*Make a mantra, not a mission Statement. A mantra is only 3 words and easy to remember!
*The 10/20/30 rule of powerpoint. 10 Slides, 20 minues, 30 point font.
*Don't worry, be crappy. New innovations often start crappy, but are so innovative they take over and eventually are improved. Ex-1984 Mac was terrible in function, but the idea was innovative.
*Don't let the bozo's grind you down (just because they don't like change).


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