Wednesday, October 31, 2007

When Hippos Attack!

Okay, "attack" may be a slight use of hyperbole. But, here's the deal: apparently the San Diego Wildfires reached the San Diego Wildlife Park, which is (from what I can tell) 35 miles north of the San Diego Zoo and is also operated by the San Diego Zoo.

Due to the fires reaching the park, some animals were able to temporarily escape.

Following the escape, the wife of San Diego Chargers special-teams coach Steve Crosby found a special visitor in her swimming pool. Yep, a hippo! Of course, she contacted authorities and the hippo was tranquilized and removed. Read the short story about it

Personally, that would have been awesome to see in person!!!!
The moral of the story is you might not know who or what you may run into, so always be prepared!

To read more about hippos at the San Diego Zoo,
click here.
These photos below are from the San Diego Zoo.

This blog brought back memories of my St. Louis Zoo Hippo Experience. Michelle and I will definitely be making a trip to the San Diego Zoo sometime!

Have you been to the San Diego Zoo? Do you want to go?

Do you think the Strahm's should have an entire family vacation in San Diego, so all could enjoy the world's greatest zoo? How's that for stirring the pot!

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Adam and Becca said...

Hmmm....San Diego is a long ways away...I don't know if we can swing a Strahm vacation there...Doesn't dad hate flying?