Monday, November 19, 2007

I'll take that Bucket!

That's what the Indiana football team said after the dramatic win over Purdue. As I said in my post last Thursday, Michelle and I attended the big game. (2 years in a row we have been at IU's biggest win of the season...coincidence?)

Of course, the game wouldn't have been nearly as dramatic if the Hoosiers hadn't squandered a 24-3 second half lead. But, a game winning 49 yard field goal (
Pontiac Game Changing Nominee) saved the day. I told everyone around me that the kick was within his range and he had only missed 2 kicks all year, but since one of those was earlier in the game some of them were a little skeptic, including my wife!

One of the best parts of the game was making fun of the Purdue fans sitting right in front of me. One of them was the type that disagrees with every single call in the game and screams different penalties such as "holding" on every play. I had fun shouting ridiculous penalties back at him and explaining to him why he was full of nonsense!

On the game winning kick by Austin Starr:"I knew I was going to make that kick. I got another chance. For the entire week, I honestly had a dream about me doing this. I don't know how far the kick was in the dream, but I did envision and prepare myself all week to be `the' guy to beat Purdue. This game and this season has been for Coach Hep."

It's time to go bowling for the Hoosiers!
Maybe in Detroit (not very warm) or in Arizona (sounds a little better for the team).

If it's in Detroit, I will be there!!!!!!!!

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